Netscape's Aurora illuminates Web, desktop

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Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:06:28 -0700

By Cameron Crotty (
and David Morgenstern (

Parrying Microsoft Corp.'s promise of browser-desktop integration in
Windows 98, Netscape
Communications Corp. today announced its next-generation Web client
Code-named Aurora, the software integrates information from multiple
sources, including the
Web and the desktop, and presents it within the context of the Web browser

Aurora uses a data description framework called RDF (Resource Description
which Netscape has proposed as a standard to the World Wide Web
Consortium. RDF
provides a format for describing "metadata" -- information about how
content is organized.

At a keynote address in San Francisco, Netscape demonstrated how a user
with Netscape
Communicator and Aurora could browse Web sites, local and networked file
directories, push
channels, and bookmark lists. Users could then even view files without
having to leave the

Netscape said Aurora would ship in the first half of 1998 as an add-on to
Communicator, the
company's suite of Internet access tools.


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