Active X Dead?

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Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:17:31 -0700

ActiveX Deactivated By Microsoft
Word out of the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference in
San Diego is that ActiveX and the entire Active Platform technology,
which Microsoft spent millions to promote against competing
technologies (chief among those, OpenDoc), is officially dead.
Evidence of this can be seen through the disappearence of the section
on Microsoft's homepage that once held all ActiveX related content.
Of most importance, however, is the effect this will have on the
Wintel developer community. Active Platform was supposed to be
the future of Microsoft and its developers, and the fact that they are
abandoning this initiative is significant news for anyone interested in
Internet development or who thinks that Apple is the only company
that changes its strategic or technical direction.

Microsoft's official line is that the Windows DNA technology will
be their "new framework for building distributed computing
solutions that integrate the Web with client/server models of
application development" going forward, replacing all aspects of the
ActiveX technology.


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