Acorn Lake

(no name) ((no email))
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 11:42:39 -0500

Torturing Ken, because he asked for it.

A crank. Ole'
AKA "Cloner"
Akron lace (Lace? Tires, maybe)
A lark, once (But now you've settled down)
A lean rock (Call me Buffo)
Ale on rack
Anal coker (I don't want to know)
An earlock (Talk a lot, do we?)
An OK/Clear
AOL canker
A real conk
Arena lock
Areola: C|N>K (Porn-surfing and drinking don't mix)
[Note: C|N>K = Coffee | Nose > Keyboard]
Cal-Korean (Just like Alhambra, my hometown)
Canoe lark
Car on lake (In Minnesota in February, maybe)
Clan are OK.
Clean okra
Clear koan
Coke a la R.N. (Nursing that highball, are we, love?)
Earn cloak (And SSL decoder ring)
Elk on a car (Nimrod, the mighty hunter)
El Ranko, CA
Ken a la Orc (That is an unusual size!)
Korea clan
Lack a Reno (And the truth shall shall make you Freeh)
Lack no ear. (We, with 'bated breath ...)
LA keno car (The odds don't look so good)
Leak on car. (Project Patchfinder, or worse)
Narco leak
Near a lock
NOAA clerk
Ocean lark
OK car lane. (You're a DOT lackey, er, queuing theorist?)
Rack alone (Solitary 8-baller?)
Rack Leona (Torture Ms. Helmsley)