winHTTP and iSilo on the Palm Pilot

Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 14:20:52 -0400

I've gotten sick of all the kludgey/proprietary applications for viewing and getting updates of Web pages on the Palm. Neither InfoRover nor Avantgo really do what I want in a simple and consistent enough way. I should be able to winat/contab what I want to do with command-line tools, and I'm almost there!

Fortunately, there is a good html/doc reader for the pilot that doesn't do updates [1]. Of course you have to convert the html to its own format for installation, but it has something that can be invoked from the command line.

Unfortunately, I can't get the DOS command line to work properly. It keeps stating "Error: Failed to open source file d:\winapps\isilo\files\nytimes.html". However, I can get it to work with the WINNT app invoked from commandline (for single pages, and you have to click a ok button.) The following sorta works well for single page documents:

winHTTP\comline.exe -o files/weather.html
d:\winapps\isilo\isilo32.exe -y -d1 files/weather.html

If I can get the DOS utility to read the HTML file, I'll cron this baby and have an unlimited number of multipage Web sites updated daily! (I can't get the DOS utility to do anything, even with the HTML file sitting right there in its directory...)


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