Re: Herring "Explains" Bush Push

Sally Khudairi (
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 13:58:42 -0400

Tom, I agree, but they should just say, "here's Bush" vs. some stoopid
facade of Red Eye yadda yadda, with an apologetic salutation.

Be a man, already.

- S
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> >As you all know, I have strong political ties to
> >Presidential candidate George W. Bush, however these are not
> >the opinions of Red Herring Communications nor do they
> >influence the journalistic ethics of any of the editorial
> >properties of Red Herring Communications.
> In a similar way, Forbes magazine takes no position on the candidacy of
> Forbes, I am sure hardy har har
> But what is wrong with the idea of the press being partisan? Last time I
> looked, the First Amendment nowhere said that the press must be unbiased.
> Journalistic objectivity is in fact a fairly recent ideal, and it would be
> terrible thing if the price of press freedom were that it is free to give
> only just the facts, ma'm.
> Tom Stewart