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<< Drudge on steroids. Try this:
KGB waged a disinformation campaign to discredit the
Clinton Justice department to cover up corrupt Russian Mob
campaign contributions. Evidence planted and later
picked up by the printed news media [1] and later congressional
hearings suggested that the military's unofficial terrorist
response team more commonly known as the Delta Force, used
Waco as a training excercise. As cult members used children
as human shields, this live fire excercise went terribly wrong.
Not since MacArthur recieved his promotion to general for
live-firing on hundreds of veterans of foreign wars on the
DC mall for refusing to disperse after the federal government
reduced their military pensions has the military been used
so violently against US citizens. Rather than face a congressional
inquiry that would put the tactics and mistakes of this 'black ops'
military unit on public trial, a command decision was made to
'torch the place'.

Greg "I swear it's true" Drudge>>

You're on a latte tear and a funding high this morning.

<< [1]


The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting on Sunday details from a new
book co-authored by a former Soviet spy >>
(credibility problems)

<<asserting that during the Cold War the KGB planted bogus evidence with U.S.
conspiracy theorists trying to tie the John F. Kennedy assassination to the
CIA! >>
(And what better way to cover up a conspiracy than to plant bogus evidence
along with the real stuff?!? Every truth must have a little lie, every lie
a little truth. Didn't your years of writing grant proposals to DARPA teach
you anything?)(btw, I found a 1969 Eye magazine with a feature article on UCI
and its role in weapons development. Great slant on those endeavors back in

<< TIMES' spook watcher James Risen offers details from former KGB
agent Vasily Mitrokhin's new book "The Sword and the Shield" -->>
(Coincidentally, a friend and I spent a day creating mystery novel names,
such as "The Callipygian Embargo," "The Halcyon Purgatory," and "The Uvulal
Abduction." "Sword and Shield" could be an English pub. Another friend, a
fellow FoRKster whose identity I shall obscure, suggests "The Cock and

<< including how a fake Lee Harvey Oswald letter -- purportedly
written to CIA agent E. Howard Hunt two weeks before JFK's death
-- made its way into books, a Dallas newspaper and eventually
congressional hearings.>>
(I need Anagram Genius on this - give me a few.)

<< Risen writes that the KGB attempts to reach beyond fringe
conspiracists in the U.S. ultimately failed, though.>>
(Oh? And what of Warren Beatty's bid for the Democratic presidential

<< "But the archives spirited out of Russia by Mitrokhin appear to
support the longstanding assertions by CIA officials that the
KGB conducted disinformation campaigns designed to raise dark
suspicions about the U.S. government and prominent American
leaders around the world." >>
(as if we needed help from the Ruskies . . . we have Montana.)

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Kisses to you, too, Greggish.