Re: PS-II spotting

Comet (
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 16:07:53 -0400

> > Comet sez: Go AMD!!
> Greg sez:
> Yes, but AMD, unlike Apple[1], doesn't use
> U.C. Irvine in their marketing promotion. I'm
> a sucker for school pride.

Our first home computer was a Mac, pre-Internet in this area.
I thought it would be easier for my young son to learn to use.
It was.

What it _wasn't_ was easy to get parts, service or upgrades.
Plus, no gurus for a hundred miles around. We are big on tinkering
with our own machines in these hills. :)

I've never been to Go!UCI or Irvine or California. Visiting
the other coast is on an another wannalist somewhere...
itemized in close proximity to crawling up into Albert's
lap [9] for a DC photo op.


Now for something entirely thread-loose:

Pls send more links to erotica about things like molecule motors
with mitochondrial fuel and blackhole spike sculptures... curls
my amygdala. Kudos, TBTF!