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Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:54:38 -0700


To be honest my track record for updating my own domain is rather pathetic.
I think one neglected domain is about the right quota for people. I did
toy with the idea of registering beasttech but I decided against it. If
someone else wants to run it with, go ahead.


At 04:51 PM 9/17/99 -0700, wrote:
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>> From: David Crook []
>> I've been working with BeastTech (formerly Mark of the Beast
>> Technologies) for a while as a consultant. There has been
>> some misinformation going around on this list today and I
>> just want to clear a few things up.
>> For starters, people are not going to be bar coded...
>> ( ...snip... )
>> Look for details on the BeastTech website, we will be rolling
>> that out on Jan 1st.
>Ah, David (droll choice of temporal name, considering the competition you're
>up against), this should prove an irresistable temptation to the wandering
>souls on this list. May the legions of FoRK pitch in zealously to see it
>undertaken to an appropriate depth! In the spirit of lighting a fire under
>the project, I've registered the "" domain name -- and, as a
>sacrifice to the greater hole, I'll transfer it to you -- IF you're prepared
>to deliver according to your word.
>Or, should you prefer to be redeemed from this labor, it could be whoever
>submits, hmmmm?
>To the list, that is, the best creative proposal for the BeasTech website.
>(Deadline? October 31, of course!)
>Bleatings and conflagrations,
>PS: Something about the triple-six mark isn't clicking with me. If
>numerology's the way you want to go, identity-wise, don't you think "97"
>makes a stronger statement? Just checking...

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