Re: NovaRoam - $1900 1Mbps munchkin

Steve Dossick (
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 16:21:59 -0400 (EDT)

I guess I don't see how this is much different from the other 900mhz base
stations available? WaveLan, Proxim's RangeLan, etc all have small boxes
available which plug into an ethernet and can do bridging (yuck), NATing
of the wireless hosts onto an ethernet, or even routing. For a lot less
than $1900 (Proxim's is around $600 from any number of resellers).

900mhz also has the disadvantage of not being a high enough frequency to
get through walls very well. As for long distance applications, a pair of
relatively inexpensive unidirectional antennas work pretty well with
Proxim's stuff. One of the grad students here mounted an antenna on his
roof about a mile from campus with direct line of sight and routinely gets


On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Rohit Khare wrote:

> Prototypical box-of-cigarettes sized munchkin. Starts at $1900. Rohit
> ======================
> * Direct Ethernet Connection to Mobile Computers
> * Simple Setup and Self-Configuring Networks
> * High Data Rate and Long Communication Range
> The Power of Simplicity
> Go where you want. Have what you need.
> NovaRoam 900 gives you the simplicity of an Ethernet connection and
> the freedom of mobile IP (Internet Protocol) communication. Finally,
> roaming nodes and fixed networks establish and maintain reliable
> communication through a seamless integration of applications that
> communicate via TCP/IP, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape
> Navigator, MS Outlook, Eudora, Lotus Notes, etc.
> NovaRoam 900 is self-configuring, making it simple to set up. Yet
> it's efficient mobile routing algorithm, forward error correction and
> direct spread spectrum technology are powerful enough to maintain
> high performance even in a congested RF environment.
> NovaRoam 900 allows users many miles apart to transfer data simply,
> as if hardwired to a LAN. The power of these wireless routers allows
> data rates of up to 1.008 Mbps, and the freedom to move arbitrarily
> through a randomly and rapidly changing mesh topology. NovaRoam
> 900's automatically configure themselves into a network of repeaters
> using state-of-the-art routing algorithms, extending communications
> range almost without limit.
> NovaRoam 900 is perfect for wireless industrial networks, mobile
> equipment networking, large-scale automation projects, remote sensor
> systems, real-time material handling information, city-wide delivery
> services, and all temporary LANs.
> Our one-page specification sheet gives typical specifications for the
> NovaRoam 900 transceiver.
> Wireless so Powerful, it's Simple.
> Nova Engineering, Inc.
> Welcome to Nova 5 Circle Freeway Drive
> Cincinnati, OH 45246 Phone: 513-860-3456
> Fax: 513-860-3535
> e-mail:
> 1-800-341-6682 (NOVA) Last Updated: June 15, 1999
> ================================
> From: Mike Geile <>
> To: "'Chai Keong Toh <>'" <>
> Cc: "''" <>,
> "'Ron Orr ('" <>,
> "'Joe Macker <>'" <>,
> Michael Rauf <>, Paul Krotchen <>
> Subject: NovaRoam Commercial Release
> Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 14:04:24 -0400
> Sender:
> The product that was referred to is the NovaRoam product described at
> We have passed FCC approval
> and are awaiting the final information before we can offer it for sale.
> The "radio" is a bit different than the WaveLan or other 802.11 devices.
> It's actually a mobile router complete with an IP stack that we've developed
> with another company. We've built the entire product in-house and have all
> the source to the stack protocols etc. so we can get to all communications
> parameters efficiently. Static routing is what's available right now, and we
> are in test on IMEP and an ad hoc routing implementation. The "information"
> interfaces are 10BaseT (ethernet baseband) and the RF interface. It operates
> in the ISM (902-928 MHz) band using direct sequence spread spectrum. The
> range we achieve is more substantial than the 2.4 MHz radios (like WaveLan)
> because we operate at a lower frequency (better propagation) and we provide
> more energy per bit. The market we are targeting requires longer range which
> necessitates lower data rates. The cost of each radio is $1895 - if you
> decide to try them out, just request a formal quote (we're taking orders now
> - call Michael Rauf at 513.860.3456 or Upgrades will be
> software downloads via the internet. We have FCC approval and are awaiting
> final paperwork before we can sell the devices - should be any day now.
> I've include an application notes as an attachment.
> <<NovaRoam 900 DS Range.doc>>
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