Hungarian translation skills out there?

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 15:23:41 -0700

Alright, here's a chance for the hive mind to look more impressive
than its drones -- anyone with Hungarian skills within O(1) of FoRK?
Don't worry, it (ought to be) for purely secular purposes... RK

>Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 17:37:46 EDT
>Subject: Here is a little secret
>Since you are the well traveled, and well educated Rohit- I thought I'd share
>a part of my knowledge with you, written not in code, but in Hungarian. As I
>thought you of all people would understand. Tell me what you think.


>Isten veled-mondta
>Isten veled-mondta a ro`ka. -Tesse`k, itt a titkom.
>Nagyon egyszeru": j`ol csak a sz`ive`vel la`t az ember. Ami igaza`n
>le`nyeges, az a szemnek la`thatatlan.
>-Ami igaza`n le`nyeges, az a szemnek la`thatatlan-isme`telte a kis herceg,
>hogy jo`l az emle`kezete`be ve`sse.
>-Az ido", amit a ro`zsa`dra vesztegette`l: az teszi olyan fontossa` a
>Now, Rohit-You must excuse the type font error, as I'm unable to put the
>correct lines above the correct letters. So I made do. I hope this helps
>you and I'll talk to you soon.