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Jeff Bone (
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 17:27:49 -0500

I can't speak to the latest version, but as of late last year whatever they
were shipping in MSDN Enterprise still had two significant problems that kept
me from trusting it completely in large project environments. First, there's
a bug in their critical path analysis --- amazingly, as that's pretty simple
directed graph analysis. Under certain circumstances it misidentifies the
critical path! Second, and probably related, the levelling algorithm is
totally wacked.

Be interested to know if the newer one works any better, if you spring for



Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> So, I'm working on my software dev plan for releasing our
> software. I am using Microsoft Project 4.0 on an extremely
> complicated project scheduler with a couple hundred activities
> and sub-activities spread out over about 9 months. Project 4.0
> uses '00 to represent dates on their calendar which isn't a problem
> as most of the interfaces seem to be working correctly. However, putting
> a couple of milestones in there, when I switch from the Gantt chart
> to the PERT chart, it shows some of the milestones in red even they
> theoretically are in the future. Between this stupid y2k problem and
> getting GDI resource problems (because I am forced to know that Project
> 4.0 is a lame ass 16-bit program that doesn't allocate memory correctly)
> I now have to upgrade to Project98. The list the upgrade as $199 and
> full version as $499 on their site. Can anyone get me the dicsounted
> version? I think I paid $35 for the original software and I am convinced
> that the upgrade doesn't give me $100-something worth of new features
> that I will use.
> Greg
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