Fwd: this week at CHERRY

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 17:11:23 -0700

>Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:20:43 -0700
>From: Mike Fresh <mikefresh@earthlink.net>
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>Subject: this week at CHERRY
> Hi ya'll! Well, the last week of September was a doozy wasn't it?
>the kind of week that leaves you counting the seconds til Friday when
>you can
>get dolled up and slap back a few (or in my case more than a few)
>And of course, Cherry is always the right place to forget about your
>and other assorted B.S of the week. It's also the perfect place to
>the beginning of a new month, which is exactly what we all did last
>Oct. 1.
> And the reckless party vibe was in full effect, in fact I saw more
>than a
>couple of you twirling and whirling so wildly, you ended up kissing the
>floor. Ouch! On stage it was the usual sexed-up suspects including
>Shanny, Jaime (welcome back and Happy Birthday sweetie!) and that
>starlet Alexis Arquette, who also served as MC for the David Bowie
>contest (club matriarch/MC Bryan Rabin was out of town).
> The contest may have been a little, um, hap hazardly put together,
>we say, but leave it to the bitchy repartee of Alexis (in orange
>and matching wig) and acid tongued DJ Mike Messex to entertain us. It
>garnered participants including a dark glasses-wearing dude who might
>been able to win a Lou Reed competition (but Bowie c'mon!) and a bunch
>blond girls who all looked alike to me. It was shocking that amongst all
>fem boys out on the dance floor not even one would attempt show his
>Bowie-esque side. Mike must have been thinking the same thing 'cause he
>announced that he'd like to see people who "look like Bowie, not like
>who sucks off Bowie." The conversation then turned to hair color and the
>that none of the chicks on stage had tresses that matched their body
>hair. Of
>course none of the little angels would prove it!
> The "show' did get interesting when a blond spiky-haired lad with an
>equally-spiky black eyepiece and matching shirt took the stage. Did he
>the contest? Or was it the gorgeous Pauley P. in one of her signature
>outfits (which this week, consisted of two red cherries on top and a
>mini on bottom)? The potent drinks (made by my favorite bartender
>really did their job last week 'cause the next thing I remember is the
>bleach-blonds (more?!) that were making out, grinding and generally
>making a
>spectacle of themselves in the little hang-out area next to the DJ
>booth. I
>think Alexis won the contest though.
> We missed both Bryan and Russell last week but they'll be back this
>along with the undulations of rocker gal Christina, raver boy Justin,
>Andrew, Serious Store chick Ashley and a new queen (who's auditioning,
>so be
>nice!) named Sutan.
> So prepare to rock your socks off with the Cherry gang and bring
>your membership card! If you don't, you'll have to fill out
>the same slip with the same info. all over again.
> Check out Cherry's world famous website www.clubcherry.net and sign
>for the E list, and maybe Jason the guest list boy will actually show
>some love. Til next week, ciao!
> -Ms. Lush-Us