first Y2K problems emerge :)

Ciamac Cyrus Moallemi (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 13:06:55 -0400

>Y2K problem identified new cars as 'horseless carriages'
>By David Sharp, Associated Press, 10/12/99
>PORTLAND, Maine -- State government got its first Y2K surprise months
>early when
>owners of 2000 model cars and trucks received titles identifying their new
>vehicles as "horseless carriages."
>Despite millions of dollars spent to ensure state computers are ready for the
>year 2000, computers in the secretary of state's office got confused over the
>2000 model year designation.
>As a result, some new vehicle owners or lien holders got titles to "horseless
>carriages" instead of cars or trucks in April.
>The case demonstrates the problems that can occur when computers misread the
>year 2000 as the year 1900, which is what happened in the secretary of state's
>Since the computer thought the model year was 1900, the titles were
>printed with
>the "horseless carriage" designation used for vintage vehicles produced before
>1916, said Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky, whose office
>oversees licensing and
>registration of vehicles.
>About 800 passenger car titles and about 1,200 tractor-trailer titles were
>issued with the error, Gwadosky said.
>Since few people pay cash for cars, most of the titles went directly to banks
>and financial institutions.
>"Most of them chuckled and said we need a clean title as soon as possible,"
>Gwadosky said Tuesday.
>Gov. Angus King did not know of the problem until reporters asked him about it
>Tuesday. He said there is no guarantee computers will work properly but he
>the state doesn't envision widespread problems with state computers on Jan. 1.
>"The major systems that effect health and safety are in pretty good
>shape," King
>spokesman Dennis Bailey said. "We're pretty sure if there is a problem, it
>be this kind and not something serious."