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Table of Communities and Parties of the Internet

Industry Organizations

Name Legal Personality Constituency
Asia-Pacific Networking Group Unincorporated ass'n Asia-Pacific=20
Internet Academic community
Association for Interactive Media Non-profit corp: US IT industry
CommerceNet Non-profit corp; US Internet business community
Commercial Internet Exchange Non-profit corp; US ISPs
Electronic Messaging Association Non-profit corp; US=20
Global Email industry
=46ederation of American Research Networks Non-profit corp; US=20
US Educational and Research ISPs
Global Information Infrastructure Commission Unincorporated=20
ass'n;US Information infrastructure business
Global Internet Project Unincorporated ass'n;US Internet business
TechNet unknown Internet industry executives
Information Technology Association of America Non-profit corp; US=20
IT Industry
International Trademark Association Non-profit corp; US=20
Trademark owners
Internet Engineering Planning Group Unincorporated ass'n=20
Global Internet Service Operators
Internet International Trade Council =20
Internet Law and Policy Forum Non-profit corp; US Internet=20
business; pubic interest
Internet Service Providers Consortium (ISP/C) Non-profit corp; US=20
Internet Service Providers
North American Network Operators' Group Unincorporated ass'n; US=20
government project North-American Internet Service Operators
Trans-European Research and Educational Networking Association=20
Non-profit corp; Netherlands European Educational and=20
Research ISPs
U.S. Council for Internet Business (USCIB) =20
United States Internet Council (unknown) State policymakers=20
and industry leaders
Individual corporations Major financial interests at stake

Governmental Organizations

Name Type Legal Personality Constituency Legal Jurisdiction
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Intergovernmental=20
organization Cooperative agreement Asia-Pacific national=20
governments =20
Association of Southeast Asian Nations Intergovernmental=20
organization Cooperative agreement Southease Asian national=20
governments =20
European Union Intergovernmental organization Treaty organization=20
European national governments =20
International Telecommunication Union Intergovernmental=20
organization Treaty organization; UN Administrations, RPOAs, SIOs,=20
IOs telecommunications of all kinds
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development=20
Intergovernmental organization Cooperative agreement=20
National governments economic development
United National Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization=20
Intergovernmental organization Treaty organization; UN=20
National governments Intellectual Property
World Intellectual Property Organization Intergovernmental=20
organization Treaty organization; UN National governments=20
Intellectual Property
World Trade Organization Intergovernmental organization=20
Treaty organization; UN National governments trade in good=20
and services
Domestic agencies diverse Government ministry or agency=20
public telecommunications, information

Administrative Organizations

Name Type Legal Personality Constituency Legal Jurisdiction
Asia-Pacific Network Information Center Administrative and regional=20
policy center Non-profit corp; Seychelles A-P Internet Service=20
Providers Not applicable
CERT Coordination Center Research/National Security activity=20
of DARPA none; contract performed by Software Engineering=20
Institute Carnegie Mellon University US government; ISPs Not=20
=46orum of Incident Response and Security Teams Coordination activity=20
among CERTs unincorporated ass'n; Germany Government agencies;=20
Internet Service Providers; Major users Law enforcement agencies may=20
Internet Assigned Number Authority Research/National Security=20
activity of DARPA performed by Information Sciences Institute, Univ.=20
of So. Calif. mixed government/ private-sector. US=20
government; ISPs Not applicable
InterNIC Administrative Research cooperative agreement of=20
NSF/FNC performed by Network Solutions, Inc. mixed government/=20
private-sector US government; ISPs Possible via intellectual=20
R=E9seaux IP Europ=E9ens - Network Coordination Centre=20
Administrative and regional policy center=20
unincorporated ass'n; Netherlands European Internet=20
Service Providers Not applicable
Domestic CERTs diverse; worldwide =20
Domestic NICs diverse; worldwide =20

Standards Organizations

Name Legal Personality Constituency Legal Jurisdiction
=46inancial Services Technology Consortium Non-profit corp; US=20
Finance institutions and others - US Not applicable
International Computer Security Consortium U.S. corp=20
Computer and network security concerned companies and=20
institutions Not applicable
International Organization for Standardization Non-profit corp;=20
Switzerland Government standards organizations, diverse=20
industries Not applicable
International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication=20
Standardization Sector Body of a treaty organization; UN=20
Government telecom authorities; major telecom providers and=20
manufacturers telecommunications of all kinds
IMAP Consortium Non-profit corp; US Internet mail developers=20
Not applicable
Internet Engineering Task Force Unincorporated ass'n; US gov't=20
project (secretariat) Internet standards developers Not applicable
Internet Mail Consortium Non-profit corp; US Internet mail=20
standards developers Not applicable
Internet Software Consortium Non-profit corp; US Network=20
operators Not applicable
Network Computer Consortium (unknown) Computer/Software=20
developers Not applicable
Wireless Applications Protocol Forum (unknown) Not applicable
WWW Consortium Non-profit corp; US-France WWW standards=20
developers Not applicable

Professional and Public Interest Organizations

Name Type Legal Personality Constituency
Agent Society Technical professional Non-profit, unincorporated=20
ass'n Agent technical professioinals
Association des Utilisateurs d'Internet (AUI) Public interest=20
Unincorporated ass'n; France Internet users
Association of Computing Machinery Technical professional=20
Non-profit corp; US Computer technical professionals
Center for Democracy and Technology Public interest Non-profit=20
corp; US General public; human rights
Domain Name Rights Coalition Public interest unknown Domain name owners
Electronic Frontier Foundation Public interest Non-profit corp; US=20
General public; human rights
International WWW Conference Committee Technical professional=20
Non-profit corp, Switzerland WWW technical professionals
Internet Society Technical professional Non-profit corp; US=20
Internet technical professionals