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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 13:48:33 EDT

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>What's next? Breathing them in to diagnose
> > lung cancer?

Smart dust -----> Smart fluids: Think of all the things that can happen if
you can add intelligence and communication to fluids
--smart gasoline in cars, monitorig your MPH, the performance of the engine,
need for maintenance, etc, and networking and communicating with other
automotive systems. Buy our intelligent gas, use less of it, get higher
--monitoring other chemical processes--so you can get inside chemical
reactors producing plastics etc to monitor heat, speed of reaction, how much
material is involved in the reaction and how much waste you have, etc etc.
--imbedding intelligence in things produced via fluids, so that the plastics
you produce are intelligent plastics
--monitoring water quality
--monitoring bodily fluids--so that e.g. people with HIV or hepatitis C
could have continuous monitoring of levels of infection or antibody. Diabetics
could get continuous insulin readouts: when you hear a beep-beep in your
ear, it's a signal to take out your Palm Pilot, stick IT it your ear, and get
the readout of how much insulin you need; and then you inject or swallow the
insulin, which contains smart dust that continues the monitoring process.