Re: That stellar exemplar of statesmanship, Jess Helms
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:24:53 -0400

Regardless of the reasons given, it's a good thing they had the courage to
kill this trash treaty. It was unenforceable, and would've bound our hands,
while doing nothing to prevent N.Korea, China, Iraq, et al from building up
their arsenals. It was feel-good fluff, that many sane, level-headed
diplomats, including several former Sec.s of State rightly called

Still, it really doesn't matter to the "most ethical administration in
history", as Mme. Albright has said that they will continue to abide by the
now dead treaty, regardless of what the American people or their elected
representatives want.

The Dems have been beating us over the head with this treaty for years. You
wanted a vote, you got a vote (despite all the last minute back-peddaling
and begging for a delay). Shame they can't learn to live with the outcome
of the vote.