Current status of Self?

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 4 Jan 96 20:24:15 -0500

Hi --

Over a year ago, Bay-Wei Chang fired me up about Self, and the concepts
behind it. At the time, I was a graduating senior at Caltech, wondering about
admissions &c, and I understood that the future of the Self project was dicey.
But I had known then that, had it been three years earlier, I would
absolutely, positively have thrown my lot in with y'all.

component of the same problem: globally distributed "object" systems. I
believe all the usual blither about "objects in the infrastructure", but I
still find scant evidence of clueful thinking in this arena. (so far, we've
hit the point where people are getting to CORBA/ILU to HTML/FORMs integration

Q: Since "the Self project, which no longer officially exists at Sun" is
complete, what's next for some folks?

I met Urs in Santa Barbara last year, and he filled me in a bit, but that's
all out of date by now, I suppose. What's next for you, or John Maloney (1),
or for Randy Smith?

Rohit Khare

(1): I went to Digital's Alta Vista web crawler, and found that the
highest-relevance hit for '"John Maloney" Self' was a page I wrote on the
topic :-) Didn't find anything that told me where he is now, though.