Ur-Snapple sighting

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Fri, 2 Feb 96 10:37:22 -0500

This is from the 1/6 Windows Watcher

It seems it stands for Sony-Apple; Sony has been their long-time mfg partner,
back to the original 3.5" floppy.



Where Sony goes single-purpose, Hewlett-Packard becomes the player to beat in
general-purpose personal computers, from palmtop to desktop. HP's emphasis on
quality and solid engineering over glitz or fads gains it a solid following
among wary new PC buyers in the home market.

Apple steadfastly maintains its independence, until it is finally merged with
Sony and becomes Sony's general purpose computing division. Where HP is safe,
SnApple is trendy.