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Information Filtering Resources

This page is designed as a resource for people conducting research in
information filtering . It is maintained as part of the Information Filtering
Project of the Medical Informatics Laboratory at the University of
Maryland. The first section may be of interest to a wider audience, though,
since it contains links to working systems for a variety of operating systems
which are freely available on the net, and the third section should become
more valuable toi a wide audience as links to more commercial systems are

This page lists all known internet-accessible information filtering
resources. If you are aware of resources which do not appear here, please
send mail to Doug Oard . While no comprehensive bibliography of papers, theses
and dissertations on information filtering which exist only in printed form,
scanning the bibliographies in the first two sections will reveal almost every
source that I am aware of. There is also a good start at a comprehensive
bibliography at the University of North Carolina in the second section.

Freely Available Information Filtering Systems

Working information filtering systems which are publicly available. In most
cases, papers describing the theory and/or implementation details are also

Information Filtering Papers and Project Descriptions

Descriptions of experimental or proprietary systems for which the software is
not being distributed. If you're looking for papers you should also check the
previous section because research results included there are not repeated in
this section.

Other People Interested in Information Filtering

Home pages of people who have either published work on information filtering
that is not presently available on the net or who are actively working in the
field. This is not a good place to look for papers, but a great way to learn
how to contact people who don't appear in either of the previous two sections.

Commercial Information Filtering Systems

An incomplete sample of commercial systems that might be of interest to
researchers in the field.

Upcoming Conferences

An incomplete list of conferences and workshops which include some treatment
of information filtering.

Related Resource Pages

Web pages which collect links to resources that may be of interest to
information filtering researchers.


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