Re: Java Developer News

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 27 Mar 96 11:33:02 -0500

More from the rumor mill:

> Symantec is readying a just-in-time compiler, code-named
> Afterburner, for its Cafe development package for Java,
> said sources. Symantec sees this JIT compiler as the way
> to beat Microsoft, Sun, and Borland to the punch with
> speedy Java development tools. The company is so anxious
> to get the compiler into the hands of developers that
> it's giving them away free at a party this week at
> Software Development '96 in San Francisco.

Also, proving the brand equity of Netscape, even among MS users:

> What is on the minds of MSN users? One Katt confidant
> was kind enough to share the results of more than a
> quarter-million responses to the service's query logs.
> Top contenders (in order of frequency): sex, Penthouse,
> nude, Playboy, Netscape. Guess when you get tired of the
> photos, you can always download a new browser.

Rohit Khare