Re: Poetry by Cranston Shanir, for no reason whatsoever.

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 6 Apr 96 22:07:20 -0500 (I Find Karma) wrote on 16:31:38 Sat, 6 Apr 96:

> Found this while searching for "Nuclear Weasels" on altavista...

AltaVista Tip #1 For Losers Like Adam: If you want Nuclear Weasels, and you
don't want Weasels alone, investigate the + command, ya dolt!

+Nuclear +Weasels will find docs with both, capitalized as spec.

> I wonder if
> Cranston Shenir is Rohit under a pseudonym...

No f*cking way -- especially not some loo character so weak that his own fans
can't be bothered to type in more than twenty lines of his work and instead
leave behind a cobweb of links to

> A Three Hour Tour
> Oops! Nothing here yet....


> Cranston Marcus Shenir
> Again, there's nothing here yet. This will be a biography
> Mr. Shenir based on the most accurate sources available.

On the other hand, this may well be true:

> It was also the first to be
> rejected for publication, a victim of an entrenched literary establishment
> unwilling to give voice to his unique vision.

But this Shenir fellow was obviously too dull to formulate a fallback
strategy like, say, going into the software business and becoming so
incredibly wealthy that he could buy out the entire industry and teach its
editors to sit and beg like pedigreed poodles...