Re: Poetry by Cranston Shanir, for no reason whatsoever.

Tim Byars (
Sat, 06 Apr 1996 19:11:21 -0800

At 10:07 PM 4/6/96 -0500, Rohit Khare wrote:
> (I Find Karma) wrote on 16:31:38 Sat, 6 Apr 96:
>> Found this while searching for "Nuclear Weasels" on altavista...
>AltaVista Tip #1 For Losers Like Adam: If you want Nuclear Weasels, and you
>don't want Weasels alone, investigate the + command, ya dolt!
>+Nuclear +Weasels will find docs with both, capitalized as spec.

Adam, pleae forgive our friend Rohit. While we basked in the 85 degree heat
of Southern California today, Rohit face a miserable Easter alone in the
dregs of Bean town.



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