I Find Karma (
Tue, 16 Apr 96 14:42:22 PDT

> > There are a bunch of interesting little demographic studies on the
> > CyberAtlas site. I summarize them here because I'm a nice guy.
> What a dude.

That, plus I'm trying to get positive points for use the next time
I deliver Rohit old bits. Speaking of which, guess which animal
O'Reilly chose for its HTML professional series book? That's right,
the koala.

> > Average # bookmarks per person in 1996: 36
> My average (it does change day to day) is probably a little
> over 100.

100 bookmarks!? How do you find anything???

> > Average # of sites visited per web session in 1996: 22
> Most of my web sessions I only access 1 or 2. But then I'll
> just go wild some nights. I'd say my average is less than 22 though.

Then you're not really surfing. More like treading.

> > # of HTML authors in 1996: 5.3 million
> > # of HTML authors as percentage of Web populace: 23%
> Over 20 million people? This seems high to me......

"Web populace" probably means "have ever used the web", including
people who saunter up in libraries or bit bars once or twice.

> > % of all Internet sites Apple claims were created on a Mac: 40%
> Apple always had an inflated opinion of themselves......

Great second part to the Rolling Stone "Decline of Apple" pair
of articles in this issue's RS.

> > 5. IDT - 65,000
> Who?

The ISP with the really annoying guy on the commercial.

> > Enabling services (electronic commerce, 20 1,000
> > directory services, web tracking)
> I think this estimate might be low.......

$1 billion by 2000? How's that low?