Microsoft Kills! (was Re: Drudge on mass suicide)

CobraBoy (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 12:26:37 -0800

Someone named Dan Kohn at 12:13 PM -0800 on 3/27/97, came up with this:

The truth is out there.

=46irst I thought it was the Mafia, because early reports were the cult was
supposedly involved with gambling on the Internet.

Then I thought it was the Gov. I mean after all the CDA is in the Supreme
Court, and this is a great, "save our kids from the evils of the Internet."

But with this I can clearly see it was a Microsoft hit team.

* signaling the arrival of a "Next Level spacecraft"


* "For the most part, I have spent these years in seclusion working with
* my students/"disciples" - preparing them for membership in the "NEXT
* WORLD," the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the true physical Kingdom
* of Heaven.

NeXT World? As in the magazine?

preparing them for membership in the "NEXT
* WORLD," the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the true physical Kingdom
* of Heaven.
* "Now, before departure via a "Next Level" mothership, my students and
* I will be assisting my Father and His other Next Level helpers...

NeXT Level?

* "The human kingdom was never meant to be anything but a stepping stone
* - a 'realized hell' that must be evacuated WITH THE HELP OF A
* "The choices of many will find them in a 'mind set' that would view us
* as 'cultish,' radical, and doomsdayish, to say the least, while others
* have chosen to seek mental nourishment that would have them suspect
* 'Truth' in my statements," wrote the apparent leader.
* The manifesto is a complicated, confusing mix of science fiction and
* neo-Gnostic theory that reads like pure madness. The DRUDGE REPORT
* has also learned that authorities are now working on the theory that
* the suicides had been planned for months, if not years.
* The apparent leader wrote: "There is a simple evolutionary procedure
* which applies to those who might leave or graduate from the human
* kingdom and enter the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human (the
* Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God). Periodically, the Kingdom Level
* Above Human sends one of its members "down" into the human kingdom (to
* incarnate into a human body)
* =B7 one who has previously been taken through that evolutionary
* transition- to offer the knowledge to those who have been 'picked' as
* possible recipients of that graduation information. This
* Representative of that Next Kingdom

NeXT Kingdom?

* literally takes those candidates
* through their weaning from the human world-assisting them in the
* actual separation or breaking of ties to their humanness, and helping
* them 'graft' to Him as the Representative of that Next Level. Their
* final separation is the willful separation from their human body, when
* they have changed enough to identify as the spirit/mind/soul, ready to
* put on a biological body belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven. This
* entering into their 'glorified' or heavenly body takes place aboard a
* Next Level spacecraft, above the Earth's surface."

Clearly anyone with any understanding of NLP understands the negitive
connotations between this event and NeXT/Internet. Implanted in millions of
peoples minds is the following formula;

NeXT*/Internet =3D Suicide

Yet another win for the Microsoft marketing team.



Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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