Re: Apple Fellows Leaving ?!

I Find Karma (
Wed, 2 Apr 97 15:38:32 PST

Tim wrote (give or take my embellishment):

> > > NeXT/Apple has one job: get Rhapsody out. Fuck everything else.

Then I wrote to Rohit:

> > This is a GOOD thing: getting Rhapsody out the door will save the
> > company, if done right. Presently, nothing else will.

Then Rohit wrote to me:

> I think it's cool, too. I didn't react
> with alarm, just surprise that they DID something.

Must be all that fiber Steve Jobs brought with him to the company.
Start with an Apple, end up with a core. It's the pits.

Now Rohit, get back to Shemp.


She's alone in the new pollution.
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