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Sun, 6 Apr 97 13:39:42 PDT

> * Southwest Colorado Access Network SCAN2-DOM


> So don't blame me. I wasn't running the show in 94.


> So, Rohit, Ernie, and Adam (always a source of good idea's)

Aw, shucks, now I feel like I should contribute something...

> got any suggestions for a domain for SCaN? scanug is available, and we
> *could* always change the name to ... (LaNUG? Lugnut? GHAD (God Help
> Apple Do something)


I like SCaNuG and LaNuG.

> Well?

Others for consideration, off the top of my head...

SCaaN - SoCal Area Apple/NeXT

LuNG - Losangeles user NeXT Group
ANuG - Angeles NeXT user Group
ANuS - Angeles NeXT user Society

NuSC - NeXT users of SoCal

NuLA - NeXT users of LA

OCaN - Orange County area NeXTusers

SNuG - Socal NeXT users Group
- Darn, is taken.
SuNG - Socal users NeXT Group
GNuS - Group of NeXT Users, Socal

LoNG - Losangeles orgasmic NeXTusers Group
- darn, is taken

SoNG - Socal oldtimers NeXTusers Group
SMoG - Socal Mac n Openstep Group

SNuC - Socal NeXT users Cabal

SNuB - Socal NeXT users Bastion (or Battalion!)
BuNS - Bastion of users of NeXTs in Socal

SuNS - Socal users of NeXTSTEP
- Darn, this looks too Scott McNealyish

JaSC - Jobs apostles of SoCal

NuLL - NeXT users Local to Losangeles

And, inspired by BaNG...

DaNG - Disneyland area NeXTusers Group
DuNG - Disneyland user NeXT Group

GaNG - Glendale area NeXTusers Group

HaNG - Huntingtonbeach area NeXTusers Group
HuNG - Huntingtonbeach user NeXT Group

LaNG - Los Angeles NeXTusers Group

PaNG - Pasadena area NeXTusers Group

TaNG - Tim's area NeXTusers Group :)
BaNG - Byars's area NeXTusers Group :)

YaNG - Yosemite area NeXTusers Group
- okay, Yosemite is a stretch, I need a Y word


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