Re: A few tidbits from JavaOne

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 06:39:02 -0400 (EDT)

> > Finally: crunchy da, ketchup nyet. My wife swears I taste better all
> > slicked up in peanut oil, ... but I'm sure you really didn't want to
> > know that.
> Too... much... information... back in the penalty box with me!
YES!! Score one for the geek. FoRK, home of the irrelevent and
irreverant, the place where bits are drunk from firehoses,
has just told me I've overloaded its main bit-processor, the karma-censor.
I didn't know the words "Too much information" could be spoken on FoRK,
or is KUCI "just the right amount"? ;-)
My job well done, I retire to the inscrutable ways of the AS/400 :-(.