RE: The billions Bill Gates really wants.

Robert Harley (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 09:59:35 +0200 (MET DST)

>Try running defrag.exe (Start, Run, defrag, OK). I tried this on my
>kid's computers (Win95 without the plus pack) and it worked.

Thank you for the suggestion, but we would have done that if it was
that simple. Unfortunately when the computer was brand new, Windows
managed to trash the H.D. totally so we got Dell to take it back and
reinstall everything... well not quite everything since they didn't
reinstall a bunch of stuff (including defrag.exe) and refused to give
us the CDROM since, they claimed, Microsoft would make them pay for a
second copy of Win95 if they did so.

>I still think that your assumption that disk fragmentation is the
>problem is groundless, especially if there is lots of free disk space.

Perhaps. We would like to check though.

>[nb: out-of-order quote]
>Especially when between the two of them (Robert and his father), they
>can't figure out how to find a defrag program?

Sure we can find one. The hard part is getting it legally and
without paying Microsoft again for stuff we already paid for.

>BTW, why the *hell* does your father need to buy a fucking $3500
>computer to run Linux? Why can't you just wipe out Win95 and run Linux
>on the Pentium box he has already?

Disillusionment (on my Dad's part) with the Wintel cartel.

>[Tim suggested a PPC.]

Plus the need for speed. Yeah! Bigger, better, faster, more! It
rules! (...Rob lapses into a schizophrenic episode in which the
Beavis half of his persona takes over... :)