RE: The billions Bill Gates really wants.

CobraBoy (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 01:38:59 -0800

Joe Barrera at 1:07 PM -0800 on 4/13/97, came up with this gem :

* Tim,
* Sounds pretty cool - (BTW I used AltaVista to find
*, so it's not totally useless) - but would
* you really recommend that Robert's father run a "developer's release"
* that looks even less stable than Win95? Especially when between the two
* of them (Robert and his father), they can't figure out how to find a
* defrag program?
* - Joe

hey Linux is always a developers release.

Win whatever is always a beta release. ;-)



It takes Microsoft 10 years to get rid of the mess when you boot, why should we believe that you can make Windows easy to program in only two years ?" - S.Jobs to Microsoft's J. Allchin

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