Re: The billions Bill Gates really wants

Robert Harley (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 23:48:55 +0200 (MET DST)

Butthead@microsoft.mon wrote:
>Hey Beavis,
>You dumb-ass. Heh heh.
>Sounds like your complaint lies with Dell, not with Microsoft. The
>half-assed install that was done on your system probably has something
>to do with why it runs like shit.

Trying to pass the buck, eh? The fault was entirely Microsoft's.
Some of the directory information below C:\Windows was corrupted. Not
a fault on the disk surface mind, just garbage data written by a
certain so-called Disk Operating System. ScanDisk.Exe was able to
patch it up so the box is back to it's bad old self.

A System that actually Operates like, say, any version of Unix on the
planet, would have fixed this automagically along with the usual fsck
housekeeping the first time somebody switched on the machine and they
probably wouldn't even know about it. That's the bare acceptable
minimum on an OS from the '70s. Better versions do atomic disk
operations and/or some level of RAID.

Not that anyone cares about my 1987 computer with RISC OS, but it
keeps two independant copies of the directory structure on different
parts of the disk so it could keep running if I opened up the HD and
poured sand on it ;P

Where do you want to go today? (TM) Uhh, huh, huh, I'd like to go to a
computer running the worst loader program from the '70s jazzed-up with
a few frills to impress the punters, please Mr. Gates. It would be
especially cool if it had advanced FAT technology to trash my disk
on a regular basis too.

>I guess the good news is that I don't work for Honda and thus don't have
>to listen to every bad car repair story where the mechanic blamed Honda
>for his own incompetence or laziness.

That analogy might make sense if Honda made cars with bugs in the
ignition that made them explode whenever you reverse three times on a
Tuesday or turn left through 25 degress while doing 40mph or ...
(and had been doing so for years all the while claiming they made
great safe cars, destroying every company they could that actually did
make safe cars and showing ads of happy drivers speeding into the
sunset, instead of their charred remains).

>BTW, you bitch about the "Wintel cartel" and yet you let your father buy
>a Pentium. [...]

He didn't listen.

-- Beavis.