Oracle wants Apple; Constellation changed to Netcast.

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Tue, 15 Apr 97 13:27:34 PDT

fwdd from Educom...

> Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison says he thinks his bid to take over
> Apple Computer could very well succeed, and if so, there's a good
> chance he'll end up being chairman.

Why would Apple WANT this???

> "Within several weeks the final decision will be made and I think
> there is a very high possibility that the acquisition will succeed,"
> he told Japan's leading business daily newspaper this morning.

If anything, wouldn't Apple rather have a merger where they maintain

> "It is important to understand that it is not Oracle but me that will
> make the acquisition... We will ask the current management to leave.
> I will remain CEO of Oracle but there is a possibility I will become
> chairman of Apple."

So he can do to Apple what he did to Oracle?

> Ellison plans to keep the Apple name but "smoothly transfer" Apple
> into a network computer maker: "If the acquisition succeeds we can
> position Apple as our production base for the NC." (InfoWorld
> Electric 15 Apr 97)

I think this is an awful idea. Anyone want to pool together some money
to call a hit on Ellison?

> Netscape Communications today is demonstrating its new push technology
> called Netcaster (formerly called Constellation),

Hey Joe K, the name CONSTELLATION is available again (hint, hint :)

> which will allow news, sports, stock prices and other information to
> be displayed on a computer user's screen.

Yawn. Yet another push application. Then again, I think Netcaster can
be used to do software autoinstalls, so it might not be so bad.

> Two pre-set packages of 10 channels -- one designed for the home user
> and one for businesses -- will include material major news and
> entertainment providers, but Netcaster users will be able to add other
> sources of their own choosing. The Netcaster software will be
> available in the next experimental version of the Netscape
> Communicator browser software. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 15 Apr 97)

Lucky us, Browsers are turning into 100Meg behemoths. New version of
Internet Explorer looks like it contains everything but the kitchen

\me does a lookup

Wait, it looks like they've just added the kitchen sink for the new beta

And a little nugget for Rohit...

> At a price of less than $1,000, Kodak's new digital camera, which
> delivers 1.2 pixels of information (or 1,280 by 960 dots on the
> screen) costs less than one-fourth of what cameras with similar
> capabilities have been selling for until now. Although the price is
> still thought to be too high to attract casual photographers, the
> camera is expected to appeal strongly to hobbyists and to
> professionals in real estate and other businesses. Digital cameras use
> a photosensitive chip (called a charged-coupled device) that
> resolves an image into pixels that can be transferred to a computer
> and transmitted over the Internet. (New York Times 15 Apr 97)

Any guess as to when digicams will drop down to consumer level prices?
Will it be by 2000?


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