Re: non-empty empty bits; Irvine

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:39:28 -0400 (EDT)

> I don't know, sometimes this list is just a bit too Zen for me.

Yay! It's working! :-)

Besides, by definition, 97% of the list is clueless drivel to 97% of
the participants (and believe me you, there appear to be a lot more
Web-only lurkers, too)

I take it you mean Zen as in:

> can't leave now - who else could help with the Win95 problems that
> everyone has? :-)

Er, I believe the problem is quite simple : it's using Win95 at all...

> BTW, my wife Juliet went to UCI for undergrad, and we lived there
> together her last year there. Do you have an idea where you're going to

Wow. Interesting tidbit. *LOTS* of anteaters have been surfacing
amongst my circle of aquaintances. Some key CS players, too. I'm
accumulating a lot of data to cement my opinion now :-)

> live, i.e., on campus or in Costa Mesa or...? I'd stay away from getting
> anything actually in the city of Irvine, where the Irvine Company owns
> all the rental properties...

Ah yes, the Irvine Ranch. I found a book in the Caltech Athanaeum
Library from the late sixties describing the history of the Irvine
brothers and the glorious'future' of Orange County and its prestigious
future campus... but it still looks a lot less noble an enterprise than
the Rouse Company's Columbia, MD.

The Chancellor's Fellowhip is supposed to include guaranteed housing, and
the on-campus options look really good (& cheap). Thanks for the reminder,
I have to get moving on that now.