Metrowerks Green Box to plow Mac path to OpenStep APIs

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Fri, 25 Apr 97 22:16:20 -0400

Metrowerks Green Box to plow Mac path to OpenStep APIs

By Jeff Walsh
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 4:59 PM PT, Apr 25, 1997
At Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference on May 12 in San Jose, Calif.,
Metrowerks will unveil CodeWarrior Latitude, code-named Green Box, which will
provide a migration path for existing Macintosh applications to the OpenStep

Working closely with Apple, Metrowerks will bridge Rhapsody's Blue Box MacOS
to the Yellow Box OpenStep APIs.

"This is a very graceful way to move to the OpenStep APIs," said Ellen
Hancock, Apple's chief technology officer, in Cupertino, Calif.

CodeWarrior Latitude will let developers immediately benefit from OpenStep
technologies, such as the ability to run applications in protected mode and to
rasterize PostScript directly onto a screen. From there, developers can
incrementally improve their applications to further exploit the Yellow Box.

"Once an application is up and running in Rhapsody, you can start mixing
native Yellow calls within the application," said Greg Galanos, president of

Tim Gill, Quark chief technology officer, said that he will develop
QuarkXPress for the Green Box, which will enable him to continue developing
for the Mac API and adding Yellow Box features.

Industry analysts said Metrowerks' user base is a testament to the strength
of the company's products.

"All the developers I know swear by CodeWarrior, and everyone views
Metrowerks as being very responsive to their needs," said James Staten, an
industry analyst for Dataquest, in San Jose.

Staten said the Metrowerks component was critical to Apple's successful
deployment of Rhapsody. Galanos estimated that well-behaved Mac applications
could be ported to Rhapsody within one month.

Metrowerks is also changing the business model of CodeWarrior Latitude,
charging $400 per seat for a package that will enable developers to ship their
Mac applications to Rhapsody and various Unix flavors.

Metrowerks Corp., in Austin, Texas, is at (512) 873-4700 or

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