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Fri, 25 Apr 97 22:23:59 -0400

[A scary story about our legal system and health care provisions by A.
Padgett Peterson ]

All summed up their testimony in identical professional manners - slow, sad
shakes of their heads as they pronounced that in their professional opinion,
she had suffered no permanent injury. And from a single examination (one never
even saw her).

Of course the fact that in jury selection, the judge refused to disqualify
for cause an insurance agent from sitting on the panel who later became jury
foreman did not hurt our adversaries at all.

Result: jury found that my wife had no permanent injuries (she is now
considered handicapped by the state of Florida)

It is interesting that while we had no lack of friends and acquantances who
could and would testify that she was a different person before and after the
accident and they could see her pain. the opposition could not come up with
one single witness other than their "hired guns".

In any event, we could live with that decision but problem is that under a
law that seems to be peculiar to Florida, CNA/Hubbard now are requesting that
the court award them the sum of U$93,639.89 for their documented legal costs
(we could afford less than a tenth of that for ours - by itself that says
something about our legal system). They have filed a motion to do this despite
being told it will force us into bankruptcy and being advised against it by
their own attorney. All perfectly legal. Apparently only in Florida.

Not asking or even suggesting that any action be taken against our
adversaries: the Hubbard Construction Company of Florida or the CNA Insurance
company, as said, what they have done appears to have been within the law.
However, the people involved have to answer to the same judgement that we all
do and they know what they have done.

Just let it not be done in secret.

Please read _Exodus 20:16, Isaiah 47:3, and Hebrews 10:26-30 KJV_