YAJSU surfaces as Marimba

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Thu, 30 May 96 18:04:05 -0400

Yet Another Java Start-Up resurfaces...


Members of original Java team plan to release their own products in third quarter

By Dana Gardner
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 1:37 PM PT, May 29, 1996
Marimba Inc., formed in February by four members of the original Java
development team at Sun Microsystems Inc., are seeking alpha testers for the
fledgling firm's first line of Java-related products.

Marimba plans in the third quarter to deliver technologies for deploying Java
applications, the company announced Wednesday. Marimba is soliciting alpha
testers on its Web site, but it's keeping details about the software secret.

Sun apparently is all for the new enterprise.

"Sun is excited about the role that Marimba will play to advance Java as an
open, platform-independent programming language for the Internet and beyond,"
said Eric Schmidt, chief technical officer at Sun, in a statement.

Marimba's founders include Kim Polese, Arthur van Hoff, Jonathan Payne, and
Sami Shaio.

Marimba was created to "dramatically" improve the experiences of developers
and end-users by better integrating the Java programming language and the Web,
said Polese, who played a pivotal role in conceiving and marketing the
Internet strategy for Java while at Sun.

van Hoff was the co-architect of Sun's HotJava browser and created the Java
compiler, applet API, and critical components of the Java run-time

Shaio created the security model and the abstract window tool-kit for Java.

Payne, who joined the Java team in 1992, was the co-architect of HotJava and
implemented the ESPN SportsZone service while at Starwave Corp. in 1995.

Marimba, in Palo Alto, can be reached at (415) 328-5286 or