Summary of Java goings-on at JavaOne.

Adam Rifkin (
Fri, 31 May 1996 00:45:14 -0700 (PDT)

Sun Microsystems announced several enhancements to its Java programming
software, including JavaOS, a Java-based operating system that can run on
pagers, telephones and other communications devices, and a technology
called JavaBeans, which will allow people to write applets from reusable
parts that will work with other applications programs. (Wall Street
Journal 30 May 96 A3)

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser is getting a new look. New
versions will include groupware software called NetMeeting, which allows
PCs in various locations to simultaneously work on the same applications
program for collaborative editing. In addition, will be capable of
facilitating audioconferencing over the Internet, a feature recently
announced by Netscape in its Navigator software. (Wall Street Journal 29
May 96 B5) Explorer will also recognize the Recreational Software Advisory
Council's (RSAC) Web ratings that will allow parents to block Web sites
rated as having a high degree of violence, nudity, sex or objectionable
language. (USA Today 29 May 96 1D)