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Sorry if you get joke of the day and have already seen this. It is for the
rest of the people...


Michael Jackson's songs scare away wild pigs in India

Deutsche Presse-Agentur
New Delhi, April 3, 1995
"Beat it!" boomed Michael Jackson's voice from the stereo and the
wild boars took it literally.
Maurauding wild boars and monkeys are not regaled by the rock
icon, darling of millions all over the world. Instead, his voice
scares them, as a relieved Indian farmer discovered recently.
Anant Patwardhan, a farmer in the southern Indian state of
Karnataka used to beat the drum to keep the wild foragers away from
his crop. But he really hit the jackpot when he accidentally played
the cassette containing the number by the Peter Pan of pop.
Wild boars and monkeys looking for a good meal in the fields
immediately took to their heels to Patwardhan's surprise, PTI reported
Now the farmer is a regular Michael Jackson fan, though for a
different reason.


In related news, it looks like I'm about to get kicked off the Voxers mail
list. It all started when I posted my first thing and some anal retentive
tore into me about my .sig file on my PC, (history 101, Hiroshima 45,
Chernobyl 86, Windows 95.) So I decided that any group that was THAT anal
about a .sig file for god's sake, deserved to be fucked with a bit. Last
night "Kai" (Krause maybe?) called me a "ghetto niggerfuck."

I'll keep you informed.

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