Re: Too good to pass up.

I Find Karma (
Fri, 31 May 96 12:10:46 PDT

As and ye shall receive. Live and ye shall prosper. See, Tim, maybe
Rohit was right when he said nothing good ever came from the voxer list.

> In related news, it looks like I'm about to get kicked off the Voxers
> mail list.

And now you understand why Rohit calls them the denizens of the 97%

> It all started when I posted my first thing and some anal retentive
> tore into me about my .sig file on my PC, (history 101, Hiroshima 45,
> Chernobyl 86, Windows 95.)

Yes, they can be rather humorless when they want to be. And as you've
noticed today, they can be self-righteous, too.

I think it's all scare tactics, though. I honestly don't recall their
ever kicking anyone off the list because of a flamewar.

> So I decided that any group that was THAT anal
> about a .sig file for god's sake, deserved to be fucked with a bit.

Personally, I've found the whole flamewar hilarious, knowing the
personalities involved. I mean, nobody is really the way they act on
the list - it's like one giant roleplaying mongolian clusterscrump.

> Last night "Kai" (Krause maybe?) called me a "ghetto niggerfuck."

Yes, he's a particularly charming individual who uses the N-word
whenever he can. Strange part is, it's ALL for show. He's actually the
kind of person who wouldn't even say DAMN in public - but on the Net,
everyone knows him as a dog.

> I'll keep you informed.

Heh heh. I haven't had this much fun in weeks.

one sick puppy,
;) Adam