PEP is the most well developed such technology.

I Find Karma (
Fri, 31 May 96 21:28:32 PDT

I was actually reading all the DOMC 96 papers carefully just now, and I
came across this little nugget of a paragraph from

"To facilitate this migration, we are investigating alternative ways to
extend HTTP to allow a greater range of methods to be applied to
objects. The Protocol Extension Protocol (PEP) is the most well
developed such technology. But once we can send new methods, we will
need ways to make requests on the client side and to process requests on
the server side. On the server side, we are developing a general Method
Handler Interface for translating to and from HTTP method requests and
the designated object-oriented methods of the Repository modules."

This is probably meaningless to everyone but Rohit, but hey Rohit:
you're doing something good. Or at least something well developed.

:P Adam