3 woman and a man

Tim (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Sat, 22 Jun 1996 13:31:01 -0700

KUWAIT (Reuter) - A Bangladeshi worker in Kuwait was
abducted by three women and raped by one of them, in the first
such reported incident in the conservative Gulf Arab state, a
newspaper said Sunday.
``In the first such incident in Kuwait, three women,
probably in their 30s, abducted a Bangladeshi sanitary firm
worker while he was working near a hospital,'' al-Watan
newspaper said.
The women forced the man into their car Wednesday and took
him to an isolated desert area where one of them asked him to
have sex with her. When he refused they beat him up and stripped
him of his clothes, it added.
``One of them forced him to commit adultery with her, then
she and her friends beat him up again and drove him back to
where he worked,'' the paper added.
It did not give the nationalities of the women but said they
spoke Arabic.
Officials were not available to comment on the report.


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