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Sat, 22 Jun 1996 13:33:42 -0700

NEW YORK, June 13 (UPI) -- Nationally syndicated talk show host
Williams reportedly has been sued in a New Jersey court by two female
employees who charge he groped them, used lewd language and held
meetings in his underwear.
New York's Daily News said Thursday Williams denied the charges,
saying he is ``being maligned for financial gain.''
A former employee who worked for Williams who asked for her identity
to be withheld, called him ``a gentleman,'' adding she never saw him
with his pants off in the two years she worked for him.
The suit was filed in state Superior Court, Bergen County, June 7 by
former associate producer Stacy Galonsky, who worked for Williams from
Sept. 1994 to Feb. 15, 1996, and former executive producer Mahri
Feldman, who worked for Williams from February 1995 to April 17, 1996,
the News said.
They charged they were fired when they objected to Williams'
While Williams projects a tough-but-sensitive image on his program,
the court papers say he created an environment that female workers
compared with a ``battered womens shelter, where all the female
employees are battered.''
Galonsky and Feldman are seeking thousands of dollars in back pay,
legal costs and unspecified damages, the report said. Damages also were
being sought from Viacom, Paramount Television Pictures and the
production companies controlled by Williams.


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