NE 1 know guy.

Tim (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 09:00:45 -0800

Dylan Blankenship wants totrade for my 540c. NE 1 know if this guy is for real?

>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>>|NeXT Color Workstation =) |
>>|Processor |68040 33mhz
>>|megabytes of RAM |***32
>>|megabyte hard disk |***420
>>|monitor size(inches) |17"
>>|monitor(b&w or color) |color
>>|Sound box |yes
>>|printer |laser
>>|Keyboard |Full NeXT black keys in good condition
>>|mouse |Black NeXT
>>|Case |Black Slab NeXT pizza box
>>|Disk Drive |1.44 DDHD 3.5"
>>|OS |NextSTEP 3.0
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>This configuration is for a NeXT color Workstation . I'm willing to trade
>>for a macintosh powerbook or make an offer.


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