Andreesen explains the secret of Netscape's Success

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 26 Jun 96 19:13:20 -0400

Sometimes I feel bad about the bias of my reports on NS and MarcA, but then
he pulls off stuff like this... enjoy! :-)

Frankly, I agree with him here. I just wouldn't say so in public...


PC WEEK: What do you need to do in terms of innovation to take Netscape to
the next step?

ANDREESSEN: We are building an application environment. The platform
capabilities are being built into all of the products. We are going to have to
unify a lot of that. Pull it all together and take it to the next level.
First of all, we need to come up with a fancy name.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !

PC WEEK: Are you being facetious when you say that?

ANDREESSEN: No, not at all. People need something to think about.

PC WEEK: So is this a full-service platform?

ANDREESSEN: It is whatever you want to call it. The foundations are in place
with Java and JavaScript in all the servers and all the clients.

[To create the foundation,] you have plug-in APIs on the clients, you need
plug-in APIs on the server, and there have to be ways for objects to talk back
and forth with one another.

>>>> PEP religion, eh?

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