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Up Yours v2.0 FAQ
Q: What is Up Yours?
A: Up Yours is a program developed by AcidAngel of Global kOS to mailbom=
specific users on the Internet.. The present version is 100% completely
anonymous and uses random headers and subject lines and even uses random
servers. it implements a HELO spoofing technique that is next to impossi=
to trace.. and is capable of sending mail using one server at the rate of=
e-mail messages in around 2 seconds (tested on a 28.8).

Q: What is a Mailbomb?
A: A mailbomb does not blow up anyones address, Just think if you got
10,000 e-mail messages and had to download them.. Usually this would tak=
down the server and have the sysop reprimand the user for angering people=
the Internet. Some servers have been downed for weeks that I know of
because of certain users.... (that means no e-mail for anyone on that ser=

Q: What is the advantage of using Up Yours?
A: You are anonymous, 100%, and it cannot be traced back to you.

Q: Okay, I'm new to the business, but whats a mailbomner(?) good for???
A: If you have a user that you really want to get revenge against and ha=
his ISP (Internet Service Provider) get very mad at him/her or you simpl=
want to cripple the user from recieving e-mail for an extended period of =

Q: When installing upyours20 I get the following error. Application remo=
logfile 'C:\windows\st4unst.000' not found. Unable to continue.... That's
it and that's that, further more it says ; a serious error occured. Pleas=
help me to get this thing going !! Thanks
A: What happened here is that you did not have vb40032.dll in your windo=
system directory.. You need to delete any file starting with st4unst in
your windows system directory and check for a log file... If you are
running Cleansweep install monitor this is very easy... You must however
have to have the vb runtime files in order to run this application. This
was developed using Visual Basic 4.0 professional.

Q: I am missing some files I need to run Up Yours. Where can I find them=
A: go to the following site
all the files that you need should be there.

Q: in the final phase of the installations, the prg told me that he cant
register DAO3032.DLL ????
A: delete that file and start again... it will install it.

Q: What does up yours now do? how do you run it? Will it jam up someone
elses computer? is it any good?
A: It won't jam up anyone elses computer, it will however trash their ma=
server and cripple them getting any mail for a long time... It is the be=
war-mailer for Windows 95...

Q: Do I need it? If yes, then why?
A: Of course, if everyone else has a gun why would you want a butterknif=

Q: when i try to mail bomb someone it says 'cannot request address' or
something like that .. is there anyway i couild get
the source code??
A: I WILL NOT release the source code to this...ever.. if the source go=
out the mailservers could counter it... for the cannot assign requested
address problem what is going on here is that the installation will skip
files if they are already present...delete the following files from your
windows\system directory..

then re-install the program and do not use the winzip shit for install (i=
screws everything up...)
unzip into it's own directory.. then re-install....
I encountered this problem with computers that I had previously run Up Yo=
1.1 on and could not run v2.0 on... this is the problem.. v2.0 needs to
re-install the ocx and vbx files (and if they are already there then it w=
not update them)...

Q: I wanna know if you have, or can get this prog for mac. That would be
A: Never happen.....

Q: Every time I try and run Up Yours2.0 I recieve the following error
message. The Jet VBA file(VBAJET.DLL)for 16 bit versions, or VBAJET32.dll
for 32 bit versions)failed to initialize when called. Try reinstalling th=
application that returned the error. Then when I click okay I recieve
Run-rime error "91" Object variable or With block variable not set. Any
tips/hints greatly appreciated.
A: I have never been able to re-produce this error.. the only thing I ca=
think of that you have another program that replaced the original windows=
one.. You can freshen all of the original windows95 files by re-running t=
windows95 set-up program and it will ask you why run setup again? you cli=
the replace damaged or changed files option, if you have the CD this will=
VERY fast, with disks it takes a few minutes...

Q: Is there a version for Windows 3.1???
A: no

Q: how much damage will it do?
A: much, very much

Q: Why does it say "Run time error "91" Object Variable or With Block
variable not set?
A: I have never seen this error.. could be corrupted files see above.

Q: Where can I find the "VB40032.DLL File ?
A: I covered this in the readme

Q: Do you need windows95 to use upyours2.0?
A: yes

Q: Is there going to be a "gold" version of "up yours"?
A: this is a possiblity ;)

Q: Does this proggie perform a specific function you can tell me and wha=
does it work on, prodigy,aol etc...?
A: You can bomb any address on the Internet.. I don't know anything abou=
AOL so you can figure that out...



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