Slate and Apple Transfers ...

I Find Karma (
Mon, 1 Jul 96 16:54:15 PDT

The debut this week of "Slate," < >, a Web-based
magazine developed for Microsoft by political commentator Michael Kinsley,
is being derided by some Internet critics and competitors for not taking
full advantage of hyperlinks, which Kinsley disdains as being disturbing to
readers who want to follow a writer's logic. Rival "Feed" < >, one of Kinsley's main critics, is beginning a
"dialog on Web journalism" this Friday. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 25
Jun 96 B4)

Apple researchers Steve Capps and Walter Smith are leaving Apple to join
Microsoft's development team. The two plan to turn their talents to make
computers communicate more easily over the Internet. Microsoft's Bill
Gates "told me that computers are going to become more complex, but we've
got to make them look simpler," says Capps, whose goal is to develop
products that are "simpler to use, hand-held," with built-in Internet
connections. (Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 96 B6)