Suppose you're Marc Andreeesseeen...

I Find Karma (
Tue, 2 Jul 96 07:50:22 PDT

Here's a hypothetical - just wondering what your responses will
be. Suppose you're in charge of Sweatscrape (such as, assume
you are Marc A) at this exact moment in time. What is your
plan? Is it:

1. Stall Netscape's eventual demise by introducing a line
of products (a la white paper) that seem decent to the average
user, but lack the vision or depth to compete in the long run,
simply so you can cash out your stock options gradually and
not crash the company's stock too soon...

2. Hire some really smart people to come up with some kind
of competitive plan and product line and try to take on Microsoft...

3. Sell your company to Microsoft and live the rest of your
days in Hawaii...

or 4. Something else ?

What would you do? I'm just thinking that the white paper was
perfectly rational since he didn't want to do action item 2 or
action item 3, and he, like I, could not figure out anything else.

What about you. what would you do?