Re: Suppose you're Marc Andreeesseeen...

I Find Karma (
Tue, 2 Jul 96 08:32:29 PDT

Tim X. Byars wrote:
> 1 a) Turn Netscapes browser into a general purpose GUI.

For which platform? Just Microsoft OSs, or would you spread
yourself thin trying to keep Mac, Solaris, etc users happy too?

> License the browser to every TV, car maker, GPS system., etc.

And assume they aren't running NT, which has Internet Explorer bundled
with it?

> Hang on and hope for movement of
> the Farrallon plate. :-)

Maybe prayer is the best bet...

> "Yeah, I broke the 4 line rule, and I'm proud of it."

Been reading alt.warlords again lately? Personally, I can't read the
usenet anymore. It's reached a critical mass of cluelessness, even for
me. So now I just use search engines to search through news articles.
Is this what you all do, too?