Cool traffic system from HP.

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Mon, 8 Jul 96 16:59:50 PDT

Hewlett-Packard palmtop computers, SkyTel's paging
system and Etak mapping technology, along with SanDisk, Marriott,
OAG and Metro Networks, are part of a traveler information system
being tried out June 1 through September 30 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Gary Sasaki of HP Labs' new business development group serves as
the program manager. HPL defined the system, recruited the
partner companies and made a proposal to the Federal Highway
Administration (FHWA) to help fund the pilot project. Called the
Personal Travel Guide, it displays live traffic reports,
turn-by-turn directions to any location, and news of accidents
and traffic jams. A 20MB smart card from SanDisk plugs into the
palmtop to provide Etak's complete digital street address files
and listings of stores, restaurants, police stations, golf
courses etc., along with Olympic venues. The database includes
more than 20,000 Atlanta streets, the entire Georgia highway
system and all rapid-transit stations.
More information on the system is available at: