Re: Cool traffic system from HP.

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Mon, 8 Jul 96 17:01:32 PDT

[more on the system]

[John Dobbin is going to have to try these out when
he goes to Atlanta for The Games.]

The tryout period coincides with the peak traffic expected in
Atlanta during the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games that
follow. Travelers can borrow the specially equipped palmtops
without charge from SkyTel booths at the Atlanta airport or from
the two Marriott hotels in town. Their comments will help
determine which elements are important for any future product
follow-through by the Asia Pacific Computer Division. Other
potential test markets are the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle
and Washington, D.C.

The Personal Travel Guide is one of several innovative traveler
information systems that are part of the official Atlanta
Traveler Information Showcase -- a coordinated effort
by FHWA, the Federal Transit Administration, the Georgia
Department of Transportation (DOT), the City of Atlanta
and regional transit and transportation authorities.

Vice President Al Gore's office in Atlanta has been lent a system
(Gore is the honorary chairman of the Olympics) and House Speaker
Newt Gingrich saw an early model when he visited HP's Atlanta
Business Center during a trip to his home area.