Java API development process

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Mon, 15 Jul 96 21:51:25 -0400

And Java customers are piping mad about the take-it-or-leave-it way Sun is
structuring its licensing agreements. Prospective licensees must agree not to
sue if any Java enhancements they develop wind up in future products developed
by Sun. "Onerous," says one tattler. "Worse than anything from Microsoft." Oh

In other news.... (InfoWorld)

Microsoft's Visual J++ Java tool now available in beta

By Cara Cunningham
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 10:32 AM PT, Jul 15, 1996
Microsoft Corp. Monday released a beta version of its Visual J++ development
tool for the Java language on its World Wide Web site.

Scheduled for commercial availability this fall, Visual J++ is targeted at
both beginning and professional developers who are looking for a visual
environment in which to write Java applets and applications, said officials
with the Redmond, Wash.-based company.

The tool includes a number of developer aids, such as wizards for quickly
building cross-platform Java applets and applications and a graphical debugger
that lets developers debug at byte-code level multiple applets on one Web
page from within a browser, officials said. Visual J++ also includes a source
compiler that compiles code at a rate of 1 million lines per minute, they

For developers new to Java, Visual J++ also includes online documentation and
a test drive area to try their skills.

While Microsoft is embracing Java -- a language developed by competitor Sun
Microsystems Inc. that is emerging as an Internet de facto standard -- with
this tool, the software giant will also offer users the opportunity to
incorporate its own Internet standard contender called ActiveX. Visual J++
developers will be able to extend their programs with ActiveX components,
officials said.

Visual J++ beta software can be downloaded from Microsoft's site at